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kitty foster parents from heaven in need of help from earthly beings

for those who don't already know simplykimberly, she's a simply fantastic foster mom for kittens who come to her from various scary-to-kittens places in the East Bay. her family is fantastic with the kittens as well. I've met them all--the family, that is, plus the five kittens who were being fostered at the time--and they are as wonderful in real life as they are on virtual paper, and she's a friend of mactavish, so (if you know mactavish) you know she's good people.

but so right now they have a kitten who suddenly has developed a serious and mysterious respiratory problem that has come up negative for everything the vets have tested him for--which is darned near everything--and in the latest update they've about concluded that he has viral pneumonia and that the only thing that is going to help him is time, oxygen, supportive care, and love.

thing is, the only one of those things that are free is love. if you have love to send, they appreciate that every bit as much as financial assistance, but if you have any extra cash and want to spend it on a very good cause, they are taking donations against their $3000 and rising vet bill. as she has said repeatedly, only give if it will cause you absolutely no hardship to do so. they are not desperate for money (yet), but donations are helping to keep them from having to make life and death decisions based upon how much they can afford to keep paying for his oxygen cage and some of the best vet care in the Bay Area.

I've become rather attached to the little fellow myself, only having seen him online. he looks a lot like Santiago, down to the black/white whisker pads. I've been sending all the good feline energy I can gather from in here across the Bay day and night. I awoke this morning to see that he's still no better but no worse. very frustrating.

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