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the physical apparatus

just to put off writing for a few more minutes i am going to talk about my trip to the doctor tuesday night. this will probably be really boring but:

'my doctor prescribed lipitor.' she really did. i've had high cholesterol for several visits and my diet is fairly lowfat so she said, 'you are getting into your forties so we want to minimize risk factors for heart disease.'

sometimes i forget that i am a forty year old man. i am also to start swallowing a baby aspirin every other day. ok i am feeling a little old now.

on another front, i've gained about 7 pounds. it may have been partially due to my shoes which have heavy rubber soles but i don't understand why i am getting heavier after instituting a 15 - 20 mile per week walking routine. ok i know i'm relatively slim already but i do have this belly that showed up about 4 years ago and won't go away and i really don't want it to get any bigger.

i'm hoping that i've been building leg muscle while walking so that maybe i'm just getting denser. i haven't lifted weights though for almost a year now.

ok i have to think about Gertrude Stein now.

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