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these two paragraphs came to me in a bottle of red tail ale. yes i gave in to the urge to reset the neurons. one bottle is all i get until this is finished though.

So although Stein does not explicitly address the self-other relation, her prose explicitly investigates the effects of metonymic differentiation as that thing that “makes it all be moving.” I will not claim that she is saying the same thing as Levinas because she is not; however what she does do bears an isomorphic similarity to what I would venture to call the primordial metonymic differentiation which proceeds from the approach of the Other. In Stein perhaps we have writing’s worrying about at its own origins, or pre-origins, in more of a performative dimension than, say, that of Derrida, who explores adjacent regions in a more expository dimension.

The question of the restless self and its others is also raised in the literature of the American West. I do not think that to this point this literature has been interrogated as to its figuring of subjectivity in a sort of metonymic restlessness, nor as to the possible ethical implications of its depiction of an “outlaw” rugged individualism as the cutting edge of that reterritorialization that is empire.

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