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i'm going to take a shower.

normally this would not be newsworthy but today it is very exciting because we have a new tub faucet. the old one had a slowly growing crack through which an increasingly greater amount of water would spurt when you pulled the knob up to turn the shower on, resulting in an ever more enfeebled trickle from the shower head.

we tried puttying up the crack and that sort of worked although the putty advertised itself as being stronger than steel when in reality it was about as strong as putty. it was not sufficient to keep the crack from getting so big that finally the faucet no longer stayed screwed on to the nipple and would go shooting off when you pulled on the knob.

heh. that sounds vaguely obscene..

anyway yes we are smart enough to figure out how to replace the faucet ourselves but as it turns out the original faucet and nipple were metric and no one in san francisco sells metric plumbing supplies. so we had to get the plumber in to replace the whole apparatus from the point at which it connects to the water lines coming out from the floor.

we now enjoy unprecedented water pressure.

i'm going to take a shower!

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