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an interesting commentary on the sexist and racist remarks that have risen during the democratic run for candidacy comes from Dave at Orcinus. scroll down a bit to "How right-wing crap polluted Democrats' political waters"; it's a take on the primaries' continued recriminations, a take that I think might be challenging to think about but quite pertinent to the rest of the presidential campaign. Basically, he's saying that Democrats pull their racist or sexist rhetoric out of the mouths of Limbaughs and Buchanans.

to the degree that it may well be true, I think it could be a good place to start in unifying the democratic party. on the other hand, I suspect that although the words may have come from another camp, the racism/sexism is still endemic. but it, too, comes from outside. just.. it gets internalized and then it's not "outside" anymore but an actual part of the speaker. why else would anyone think it was ok to act in such ways? why not reject the tactics out of hand?

but I think it bears some thought about just where the received wisdom that H. Clinton is a shrill harpie or that B. Obama can't appeal to white working-class voters may have been received from in these cases. purifying oneself of outside influence is impossible, but recognizing it can be a valuable tool in analyzing its ethical and practical value, and perhaps maybe exercising some better judgment about when to let it be and when to try to excise it.

and with that I go to bed and try to decide whether to get up at 5 and hike to amtrak or 6 and take a cab..

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