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aporia is good for you

forgive me. i have to spew this out.

ok so if we take the Puritans at Slotkin's word, and if we employ his own language of the Moiratic realm of dreams, irrationality, dissoloution and -- paradoxically -- mythopoeisis, then something is awry at the heart of Puritan theology.

to wit. it would seem that sin is two things: the state of knowing good and evil and thus the state of consciousness, the very ability to draw distinctions and thus the primary procedure underlying the very process of rationality which is according to Slotkin the masculine and the ordering principle of god himself with his logos. at the same time, sin represents the submission of the masculine to the feminine, i.e. Adam's acquiescence in partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the bidding of Eve. thus in order to realize consciousness, in order to realize the process of drawing distinctions, man must first sink into the realm of the unconscious, the feminine, death, and this in itself is sinful. first abyss: rationality arises from submission to irrationality and is itself inherently sinful as it represents the move from animal immersion in the All to individuation and separation. yet this very animal immersion in the All is Moiratic and irrational and feminine which is sinful because it is opposed to reason and enlightenment which is sinful because it is individuation and you see how one could spend quite some time going round and round with this.

and so what happens. the only way to be saved from this multiply recursive sinful state is to submit to the hyperrationality of a logos-based god and yet the Edenic state to which we wish to return after the fall is itself once again a state of undifferentiation: "we are one in the spirit," to quote a certain christian ditty (yes ditty not deity.). and undifferentiation by association is feminine, worldly and illogical -- unlogos -- and therefore not at all like the god of reason.

one must be saved by the very principle that organizes sinful differentiation.
one must be saved to the very state of sinful undifferentiation.

so in the meantime these Puritans are bringing their paradoxical gospel to "the" Indians who represent for the Puritans the fallen state of nature but who could just as well -- and now sometimes do -- stand in for the Edenic state of innocence and communion. which is itself animal and sinful.

funny how it is that good and evil cling to one another like long lost brothers.

this most primary of oppositions will not be centrifuged into homogeneity and instead remains completely contaminated at its margins.

as though this were surprising.

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