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I visited Santiago. the place is really state-of-the-art. they let me go back to him in his cage rather than bringing him out to me; I don't know if this is standard practice or if I have ex-vet-tech privileges. in any case they keep their FLUTD (as it is now acronymed) cats very neat, with the urinary catheter hooked up to an empty iv bag so that the urine collects in the bag rather than puddling in the cage, which is much nicer for the cat even than putting them on a raised platform and letting the urine collect below. there were all sorts of gadgets back there that I'd never used: little boxes that regulate the rate of iv fluids, an automatic blood transfusion box that slowly pushes the plunger of a big 60cc syringe so that someone doesn't have to sit there patiently doing that themselves, and heart moniters with actual wave displays as well as audible beeps and flashing lights.

so much has changed.

Santiago is on pain medication and a muscle relaxer so he was a little loopy but he was happy to see me and even purred in spite of his e-collar having become his mortal enemy. he has an iv drip going into a front leg and then his urinary catheter at the other end. this isn't new or different; we always flushed them out with fluids while the catheter was in to try to clean out whatever gunk was causing the problem. the UA they send out to be done so the results won't come back until tomorrow morning so they don't know yet whether it was crystals in his urine that were blocking his urethra. sometimes it is crystals, sometimes it is tiny stones (the main material difference being that stones are irregular and smoothish while crystals are, well, crystalline and therefore sharp), and sometimes it is simply urethral spasm.

seeing him has made me sad, it seems. and I'm torn between letting him stay there where he is kept clean and neat and quiet and there is someone present 24 hours a day or transferring him to my regular vet tomorrow, where they don't keep them so neat, it is louder, and no humans stay overnight. the monetary difference wouldn't be that great since we're talking one additional night of hospitalization after tonight and he of course decided to come down with this on Saturday evening, the best worst time for an animal to get sick: let's see. the vet is closed for 36 hours. I think I'll develop a life-threatening condition, oh, about, NOW. :|

so I've debated with myself whether to do this thing and whether anyone would judge me for doing this thing but I think that I will do it with the caveat that if anyone has judgment about it then please don't participate in any way: don't click the button, don't tell me that what I am doing is wrong, just don't take part. no skin off your nose, eh? shake your head, scroll on past, and let it be.

for anyone not inclined to judge, I also do not consider this obligatory in any way and I am not expecting anyone to pitch in so I won't be judging you either, but if you want to help me out I'm putting a paypal button down at the bottom of this post. Santiago's bill currently hovers at around $2k. I have it, barely, and if work for my main client hadn't just slowed way down I might not be asking for assistance, but it has and this was my cushion for that eventuality and now it is gone. I will of course be looking for more work, but who knows if it is out there.

so. don't give if you cannot spare it, and don't give so that I will love you--I probably love you already (I say probably since people read this whom I don't even know, really). any amount is appreciated. I don't expect heroics.

so, um, here's the button.

thank you for anything nice you might do or say.

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