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at least sometimes when it is necessary to distract myself in order to keep myself from gnawing off a leg I can find something to do that I was going to do anyway and which I actually enjoy doing in my geeky pixel-pushing way. so now my blog is at wordpress and looks ok in the latest Firefox on a Mac running OS X 10.5.3 except the tags cloud is a little crowded so I might have to fix that or rely on categories instead but I like tag clouds but my sidebars are so narrow that it might not be practicable to keep it.

Anyway it's not warranted for windows or IE or anything yet but it took me all day just to do the css to get a decent skeleton up.

anyway I've managed to make it look something like the original blog but I haven't had time even to link to it from my main website but will update those links, wherever the hell I put them, soon. for now, you can read all my posts on The Four Thoughts from start to finish, starting here!

I haven't added all my links yet or figured out if I can make any image links in the sidebars or anything. I hope so. one needs those cute little rss minibanners, doesn't one? or are those, like, so 2005 it's not funny?

I've been sleeping again like all day yesterday and eight hours last night and then a couple more hours between 8 and noon somewhere. dunno what's up with that but maybe the low-grade freakout I've been sustaining since Monday afternoon is a causal factor. I think we are going to try to head it off tomorrow. I can't wait. seriously. I can barely stay in my chair. I don't have the faintest clue when I will be able to go to bed.

I'm so fucked up. I swear you put two bricks in place and three more fall out.
Tags: blog, psychout

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