Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

ideal vs real

no I'm not going to deconstruct a dichotomy tonight. orange you glad I didn't say apple.

I just wanted to post a screenshot of what my blog looks like in a standards-compliant browser.


IE whatever old version you have to use in Win2000 mucks up the little blue tagline on the top.

IE 7 adds extra margins and padding where I didn't ask for any, naturally, so the little blue tagline stripe actually touches the hyena's back.

if anyone is getting an unreadable page, could you let me know what browser, version and OS you are using? I mean, if you feel like it. I cannot pay you to be my beta testers unfortunately.

to be fixed:


margin between link to non-existent "about" page and first entry hyena shadow and beginning of blog is too wide

something to trick IE 7 into getting the blue stripe off the hyena's back

maybe fix up something so IE 6 or whatever doesn't get confused at my negative margins

talk the rest of the world into downloading firefox or something else that doesn't break simple css code. not that I can't do complicated css code, but I shouldn't have to.

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