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no. not new york.

it is 3:30am and I just got back from doing my laundry. there were several people still washing when I arrived and when I left there was one guy still washing. I imagine they have a lull between 4 and about 6 when the go-getters rise early to get the discounted machines. at 7am the prices go up.

on a Tuesday at least, 3:30am on Mission St is absolutely dead quiet. not a soul moving around out there. couldn't even see any rats. so of all of the ways SF resembles NY, this is not one of them. on the one hand it was a little creepy feeling out there in the dark all alone. it's a quick block home and I guess these days I look fairly intimidating, but it's still creepy. if there were people out and about it would be less so.

on the other hand: laundromet in the mission with, like, four parties maximum washing clothes at any one time. I bet the 24-hour laundromats in NY are even crowded at 3am.

I'm a little tired--my "nap" only lasted an hour and a half this evening but my body wanted up so I got up. I might go to bed earlier than I did yesterday, or I might take a little nap here or something. hard to say. I'm such a creature of habit that once I discern a pattern in my behavior I gravitate towards keeping it like a schedule. I have to remember that the rule in this experiment is Sleep When Tired. I might power my way through this anyway--I have work to do. laundry still takes three hours even when you aren't fighting for space and machines. or that is my laundry still takes three hours. even with socks safety-pinned together. if not for that it would be another half hour or more. but so I wanted to get more done tonight than just laundry. of course if I slept for a couple of hours I'd probably have more energy to do the work but given the nature of the work it's not like I need great gobs of brain power.

food would be good. I think I've been eating more cereal meals than "dinner" meals. I don't know whether that means my body needs dairy and carbs or if I am "addicted" to dairy and carbs. although I'm not really convinced that the rhetoric of addiction is really appropriate for habitual, unchanging diets. the main reason I pick one thing and stay with it till I'm sick of it is that it allows me simply to eat without having to go to great effort to decide what I will be eating and who will be preparing it and where I will eat it. right now my only question is do I want breakfast or dinner. that's relatively easy to decide most days.


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Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:41 am (UTC)
the thought of being up and around a city in the middle of the night scares small-town-mouse me. but that almost sounds pleasant, the silence of it.

>I'm not really convinced that the rhetoric of addiction is really appropriate for habitual, unchanging diets.

i don't think it is. really, too many things are called addiction that aren't. in OA chatrooms (which i'll go into and then run screaming from), there's always someone saying they're addicted to food. that seems like shorthand for something very complex. ted was pointing out to me the other day that you can't just stop eating altogether. tell me about it!
Jul. 24th, 2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
Ooo! Another benefit to your experiment - cheap laundry at an uncrowded laundrette!

Now that makes the 'sleep-when-you-wanna' thing sound even more tempting except - dammit!- I live in a land with no 24-hour laundrettes. Our mormonic overlords want us to sleep when the sun has gone down, like good little chickens.
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