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fourth wind

somehow I'm still up even though I'm now running on a 29-hour day. not that I've been up for 29 hours, but that it's been 29 hours since I last went to bed for more than a "nap." it's kind of difficult keeping track of how long my days are but the rule of thumb generally is to count from the beginning of one 5-7 hour sleep period to the next. in between are naps of 2-4 hours.

if I stay up much longer I'm gonna be shit out of luck for groceries "tomorrow" but I guess if I had to I could get a citycarshare car (reduced rates in the middle of the night!) and drive to a 24-hour place. there are no 24-hour grocery stores nearby. just the laundromat. right now I'm in no shape to leave the house: little furry things are scampering away just beyond my peripheral vision. soon I will be asleep but I'm waiting for some pills to melt in my mouth before I go upstairs to lie with it gaping open and snoring like a buzzsaw.

we have new downstairs neighbors and one of them plays guitar and sings, loudly, every morning. I used to do that. maybe I should start again. we could duel. joy division for me, dylan for him. that is the pre-sellout dylan: it's acoustic guitar he's playing.

I can't think of a damned thing to say. I keep closing my eyes and playing out little vingnets that make no sense at all. micro-dreams of twilight consciousness. I forget them as soon as I open my eyes.

whoops. that one lasted half an hour. I think I can go to bed now.

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