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to sleep perchance to dream

I think I'm finally awake.

of the last 24 hours I slept 16. funny thing is that I'm still averaging 10 hours of sleep per cycle, with cycles--"days"--averaging 25 hours precisely because after several 28-hour days I become very sleepy and so my days get shorter.

well. so I guess I don't have to worry about being diurnal yet. at least, I've slept most of today away. we'll see how many hours I'm awake now. I have a lunch date with b & e tomorrow at 11:30 so I might have to force myself to nap in the wee hours tonight.

phew. that was lots of sleeping. good thing I decided to take the day "off" from general worries and chores.

now it is friday afternoon. wo0t. let the party begin. 8 )

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