Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

Erik does something with his flickr account

Originally uploaded by eriktrips
I'm on flickr now. or that is I've been on flickr for a long time but I never had gotten around to uploading anything to it before now and now I am gradually getting the 7000 or so photos on my various hard drives all organized on here so that they will be kept somewhere besides on three hard drives all sitting within approximately six inches of each other.

I'm eriktrips there too, so predictably, my photostream can be found at while my profile is at I haven't done anything fancy yet; just uploaded a few pics from 2003-2004 and grouped them in a way that seemed logical. with what remains of the weekend I hope to upload quite a few more. since I spent the first half of the day unconscious I expect to be up late, but my body doesn't always do what I expect it to.

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