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in the morning maybe I'll know whether it was worth the effort

it is not lost
this love for authority
our desperate thirst for the certainties of promises already outlined in their entirety
foretold and complete

rather than promises
that promise nothing except
the moment that waits for its next moment
not knowing

for when one actually looks at the sky rent open at night to depths we don't even believe we can see
give me a book with answers in the back
we cry once out of infancy and in the thickets of language wherein roam pronouncements and the assurance of judgment and justice
where such notions had scarcely any propriety at all save for the breath of their being said
the breath which gives up its hold on the world its bid to still for an instant

god's kingdom this
god's kingdom that

if god is in the details it is because details like xeno's paradox proliferate at the microcosmic scale where infinitely speech betrays its initial desire to hold the thing
to not only approach but to seize zero
instead an incantation that trails off only as we pass through it
the ledger that counts infinity and places us in direct communion with death and its forever unknowing

this familiarity
rather than raising hell
destroys heaven out of compassion for the devil
coming abject and naked with begging bowl
the danger that we too will become abject and naked is the evil we must take on if god is love after all if in love we are to dream of what breaks those promises open and leaves them
ruined, amorous, exchanging glances.

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