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well so far I've had such a good time hanging out with lisagail and her present dating material--who is actually an old friend of both of ours so I already knew that I liked them--that I am 240 posts behind on my friends page. lisagail says she has to go to work this morning so I will try to do some quality skimming in the next couple of hours but I also need to do a few things for my own income-enhancement as well.

so far we have planned: a day hike in Olympic NP tomorrow, by way of a ferry across Puget Sound which will land us just a few miles from the trailhead. we'll have to get up early. like, 6am. early to bed tonight I suppose. then thursday night dinner with jetgirl23 and the_embalmer and a couple of people not on lj (I know!). sunday I visit grandma. I always have to be careful not to do so much socializing on vacation that I need a vacation from my vacation when I return.

the weather has been nice considering that we're in seattle: mostly sunny, 70F-ish. supposed to get a little warmer towards the end of the week. :/ but if I complain too much and it clouds up and rains my hosts will be mad at me.

I also seem to be the harbinger of urinary problems in cats; on sunday lisagail's cat, chaos, peed in the tub and it was quite bloody so we took her to the vet yesterday. female cats rarely block so it's not as big an emergency with them but we did take her right in yesterday. they took blood and urine and will call us in the next two days and then we'll see what the problem is. she's very content and doesn't seem to notice that anything is wrong, so I think it is unlikely to be a kidney problem but she is 10 years old, so.. so far the bill has been way less than santiago's bill. which is good, but makes me a little jealous. I'm still smarting a bit from that.

oh and I've been pretty much diurnal since arriving although I can feel a nap coming on already but on the other other hand we have to get up early tomorrow so it will be just as well if I can resist napping now long enough to get to an early bedtime instead. I don't know, though. my nervous system seems to dump melatonin between 9:30 and 11 every morning unless I get ten hours the night before. which I didn't last night. thus the one cup of coffee I've had is affecting me somewhat paradoxically.

ok I'd better see if I can read about what you all have been doing since saturday.


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