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ok well I just slept for fifteen hours. I mean I was up for about an hour this morning but then I went right back to bed and only got up just now because I thought I heard lisagail coming in the downstairs gate but it was someone else apparently.

I think it might be time for my shot.

well foo. there were a bunch of things I was wanting to do today and now it looks like "go to rei" is about it. first coffee and then day clothes. we are going to try to climb Mt Townsend tomorrow and we need some human fuel and probably a few emergency goods just because it's when you don't take them that emergencies arise. I have one emergency blanket but there'll be three of us so I think another might be good and I might get a camelback of some sort for lisagail's hydration needs and then take it home for myself as I could use a second water bladder. no really.

also have to look up ferry schedules and stuff but I guess that won't take terribly long. of course I will insist that we have a good map. I'll see if rei has a good one of Olympic National Park or even just the quadrangle(s) for the Mt Townsend area; otherwise I'll just download and print one out.

ok. shot time, obviously. if today was like this, tomorrow I'd be lower than an earthworm's toe.

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