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housemate c is utterly jaded about pride weekend. she is leaving town tomorrow to avoid the whole thing. i guess if you've lived near San Francisco your whole life pride becomes annoying hoopla. i can kind of see it and in fact i vaccilate from year to year now that i have been out as one thing or another for 18 of these parades and they have ranged from the frightening to the sublime to the really absurd and you never know what it will be until you get there and it is too late.

but this year i'm kind of into it. we'll see what happens. about every other year or so i decide to march with ftm international but it is almost always a letdown as hardly anyone shows up and those who do -- although they try really hard and should be commended just for being there -- are so unflamboyant that they belong almost anywhere else besides a parade. i really want to march with a contingent with a truck and a live band and people dancing and handing out candy and plastic jewelry but trucks are 'too expensive' and 'we' just want to look like 'normal guys.'

i guess. i don't know that normal guys can't kick up their heels every now and again though. couldn't we at least throw little chocolate power tools?

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