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so I've been geeking out all night on photoshop and I've managed to process about 25 pictures or so from tuesday's hike. they are still uploading, but most of you are probably asleep anyway so here will be a link to a few pretty pictures in the morning:


gods only know when I'll have time to curate the others. looking at these pics on my laptop is making me think that either I need a new camera or I need new lens cleaner. possibly the latter. I should try it before the next time I head out somewhere picturesque I suppose. but these look fine small. just at 100% they aren't, well, 100%, I don't think. but I'm going to have to hustle a little to find the funds for the Canon Rebel. maybe one day.

tonight is my night off from socializing. I was supposed to wash some dishes from last night's socializing but I am too tired. I will leave a note for lisagail to alert her to my intentions to help get them out tomorrow morning. washing dishes calls for coffee and other morning mood enhancers. night time klonopin calms me down but it doesn't really calm me down enough not to balk at doing the dishes.

ok I'm going to look at a couple of things on the internet and then I'm going to pass out I hope. it seems to get a little loud around here on weekend nights I guess. party town, Seattle is.
Tags: backpacking, hiking, olympic national park, pics, seattle, vacation

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