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vacation vacation

I think I've taken labor day weekend and made it into my personal vacation after vacation vacation. to recover from my vacation, you know. I mean I had a great vacation and I was thrilled to see every single person that I saw but the hermit needs generally have to endure a certain amount of neglect on short trips, when everyday is another day of seeing friends or family. considering the vast hours I usually spend alone in my room, this is quite an upset of my normal routine and I get a little freaked out after a few social days in a row.

and so often after I come home from vacation I take a few days to leave the house only for essentials such as food and fizzy water and a let my neurons rearrange themselves in the spaciousness of their own being alone. if you're an introvert you know why this is important; if you are not, don't mistake this for anti-social behavior. there's nothing anti- about it; I love my friends but I require vast amounts of time alone in order to stay balanced.

but when I came back I had to throw myself immediately into looking for work, and although I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket or even begin to count the hatchlings, I may have this one job fairly well within reach. I think we can come to an agreement that will keep us all happy and solvent.

but I was so worn out after the whole stressful affair that I have pretty much slept nonstop from there to here. so it's saturday morning in my world. I am a timezone unto myself.

let the weekend begin. with cereal!


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Sep. 3rd, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
I well understand the need for alone time. I need oodles of it.
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