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McCain and the religious right "fringe"

a post in dark_christian points to this article in The Nation about how Palin was vetted by The Council for National Policy, an organization on the religious right which has been a player in US national politics for some time.

I've been wanting to say more about Palin's ties to Dominionist Christian churches and organizations, who are, as some I've heard put it, the extreme nutjobs whom no one takes seriously; I think it is important to understand exactly the amount of influence they still have in the Republican Party. I need to do more research, though, and that research can sometimes lead me to very scary stuff that is actually dangerous to my mental health, so I don't know how far I will get. I think, though, that I will try to blog about this soon because many progressives don't take Dominionism seriously, and right now we have a Dominionist running for that heartbeat-away-from-the-Presidency of the richest and most powerful country on Earth.

this is important--more important than most realize. just quickly, Dominionism believes in a Christian takeover of the planet--a fundamentalist Christian takeover, that is. they are a serious menace to women's rights, glbtq rights, the environment, and world wide political stability, simply by virtue of having infiltrated the top ranks of the US government. they've been working on this for more than thirty years explicitly, and longer than that in a less overt way.

but so google for information on the keywords "dominionism," "joel's army," "assemblies of god," and even take a look at what is available about the Council for National Policy itself and see what you think, and consider whether or not it might be worthwhile to spread, if not alarm, then at least concern.

if I can look at any of this stuff without severe flashbacks, I hope to write more soon.

ETA: this post in the same community notes that Palin asked the Wasilla Library "how she could go about banning books."


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