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ok I'm up

so for some reason I slept most of the night, on and off, and then slept most of the morning and am now sitting here feeling vaguely drowsy. see when I take one of those 32-hour cycles like I did yesterday I pretty much lose the next day. no way to wring constant productivity out of one earth revolution I guess. I try one day and the next day is a complete wash.

I will likely be fairly energetic tonight though, which is just as well as I have things to do. but right now I'm thinking of going back to bed. I was able to find passable groceries at Safeway last night in the middle of the night--they have a "natural" foods section in which everything is about $1 more per purchase unit than it is at Rainbow Grocery, so there was kefir and cereal whose first ingredient was not sugar. I can't believe the crap that is sold as food in regular grocery stores. I mean, I know that the same staples are sold everywhere and that beans and rice cook up fairly similarly whether they are organic or not, but since I don't cook and thus rely on processed foods, my choices within the dominant grocery paradigm are atrocious.

not that "natural" processed food is so much better, but they do keep the sodium to reasonable proportions and they at least try to put healthy ingredients in, even if all the processing takes much of the healthy out.

but the stuff middle america is expected to eat as "convenience food" is made out of fat and salt and has generally been stripped of fiber or anything else that won't take up a week-long residence in your gut. ok I knew this and I reckon Fast Food Nation made this fairly clear some time ago, but I still find myself appalled when faced with shopping choices in a regular supermarket. even the stuff that could be passable is ruined: yogurt, for instance, is full of sugar unless you get an expensive organic brand.

I suppose if I had something like a desire to do business, an aptitude for doing business, and any sort of practical experience with doing business, I'd try to market less expensive whole and low-fat/sugar/sodium foods for people who have no time and/or inclination to cook.

there are lots of other things I'd do too. if I could only get enough sleep. oh and if I were able to deal with people without sedation.

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