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so I've been plurking more and writing fewer LJ posts I think because all of the minutiae of my life are generally each content to be stated in 140 characters or fewer. I know I've tried to pimp it here already but I really do like it much better than twitter. the "karma" feature is annoying but they are listening (a little) to user input about the fact that it's dumb and especially it was dropping if you slept more than 4 hours at a time. so now everyone has a 12-hour grace period before their karma starts to drop. I've told them why I still think it's dumb and have been told well just ignore it then so I'm trying.

anyway karma, within the limited realm of plurk, is possible to ignore. just wanted to point that out.

the other cool social web app I've been introduced to is mycrocosm, which takes microblogging to a whole new level of abstraction. you can track anything at all; your imagination is the limit. everytime I do something now I have to sit and put it into the appropriate graph. it's an interesting way to look at life incrementally.

just in case you're wondering where I've been.

I am still looking for work. I have some leads that I am slow to respond to because that's how I am. it takes so much energy to investigate one single lead that I find I can't deal with more than one at a time, so if you or anyone you know is waiting to hear from me, you/they will relatively soon but it takes a tremendous effort just to deal with one person. this is the hardest part of independent contracting and it's got me again thinking about looking into what sorts of governmental support there is for psychological disabilities. sometimes I honestly think that something went undiagnosed in childhood and that I've been dealing with the consequences as an adult. but lots of things were overlooked in childhood, weren't they. in the 60s no one paid attention if a kid spent hours alone and found that verbalizing anything was agonizing.

anyway. I go see my doc at Tom Waddell tomorrow and I have to make a big long list of things to ask her. there's my back pain that I don't want to forget about and I want to ask her what sort of help might be available there for negotiating disability applications. I know they have social workers there and I'm hoping one could help me out.

I do still have the ghostwriting gig so that's cool and I need to get some work done with it in and amongst looking for other work and then I'm still studying five programming languages at once and keep thinking I should read a text on general computer science because although the authors of these books try very hard to assume that the reader is naive of the jargon, sometimes it becomes apparent that they are working with a concept that they haven't named for the reader because something will slip out onto the paper that doesn't hook up with anything that has been said so far and I'm like what?

it's too bad I wouldn't be able to do the sorts of favors a suger-daddy would want. I could sure use one. I wonder what else I do that could be exchanged for time and money..

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