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flights leaving daily

10 January 1962
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you can find out more than you wanted to know about me at my "real" blog. or just keep reading:

I vacillate between making my journal public and making it friends only so it might look like I post a lot for a few months and then don't post at all but that's not really the case. If you comment or just friend me randomly I'll probably friend you back unless you look like a total psychopath or a fundamentalist christian. or if you are trolling for teh sex on teh internetz. I ain't got none of that anyhow.

I filed my dissertation on May 11, 2007, and officially received my PhD on May 18, 2007. This makes me a Doctor of Rhetoric which is mostly a degree one gets when one wants to be a professor which I did want to be until after repeated attempts at teaching proved to drive me even more insane than I am on a regular old do-nothing day. So instead of teaching I now live at my keyboard 24/7, making one thing or another.

Among things made is a book entitled One Last Ditch, which was published in 2010 by Atelos Press and is available from many places, some of which you can find pointers to on the book's blog. I have begun producing poetry videos for the pieces in the book and you can find these in the very same place. When I am not busy putting one of those together I am either writing music, writing a random poem, or working on my autobiography, which will be published in some form or another in the next year or two. It might be released as a piece of software but I have not quite made up my mind on how best to do that.

Otherwise, things you should know about me before entering:

I am a female to male transsexual. I began hormone replacement therapy July 1, 1997. I went from being a dyke to being mostly something like a gay man, although for me transitioning has made it very difficult to determine just who or what the "same" and "opposite" sexes are in relation to what I am.

I'm sort of a buddhist and sort of an animist and sort of an atheist although I am extremely interested in what exactly the idea of "god" stands in for when the word is invoked and so am interested in the kabbalah as well. I am fairly certain "god" is not a person-like entity with intentions or will or agency or emotions. This does not necessarily mean I don't believe in the divine. It just probably doesn't look like yours. I'm more than not interested in being saved or converted or reclaimed by any major religion and will react badly to anyone trying to do anything like that.

My current top diagnoses are Complex PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features Severe Recurrent. Secondary to that are Severe Social Phobia, Major Anxiety Disorder, and possibly Asperger's although it seems that the foregoing combination might just happen to look a lot like Asperger's from time to time. Or it may be the other way around. If you think the mentally ill and/or disabled should just get over it or that you have the single answer to all of our problems, you will annoy me greatly and I will make no secret of it. If you think tough love is the way to get people like me moving about in normal society I will call you out as an apologist for abusive behavior, because you are probably traumatizing your kids as we speak.

I used to work as a veterinary technician and am a vocal advocate for nonhuman living things. I am probably pathologically attached to my cat, but I don't see anything pathological about this. I like other animals too but speak cat most fluently and tend to act a lot like one if left to my own devices, as cats should be most of the time.

I am radically leftist and have no use for anti-intellectualism, racism, heterosexism, imperialism, egotism, capitalism, individualism, or reactionary politics from the left, right, middle, or outside of the dominant paradigm. I am rabidly in favor of acceptance of diversity, ethical behavior, ecological responsibility, and economic and social justice. housing, food, and healthcare are basic human rights. so are freedom of expression, personal privacy, and the pursuit of any kind of happiness that does not cause suffering to others. private property is not a right. I'm sorry (no I'm not) but it's not. possession, privacy, and property are distinct notions, in case you think you spotted an inconsistency.

I don't particularly value consistency anyway although I do value reliability.

I don't really like to argue very much. Really. If having the last word = winning an argument, I've never won an argument in my life. But then, "winning" isn't really why I argue when I do choose to do so.

For those who are interested in this sort of information, I am an INFP but used to be an INTP so I guess I am getting sappy in my old age. I am a Capricorn but over half of my planets are in Aquarius. When I read horoscopes it often seems that I look like a Capricorn on the outside but feel like an Aquarius on the inside. Make of all that what you will.

I suspect that if you've read this far you can probably guess the contents of my journal and do not really need to read it but if you still want to, drop me a line.

social phobia is love
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cats are love
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opium is love
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