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Same song different day

I've uploaded an updated version of the song I've been working on. I changed the name of it; it's the only song available on my MacIdol profile, so you can't really miss it. I still have to work up some vocals for it which requires both that I write them and that I free myself of the embarrassment of recording vocals in one's own room during the day when people are not asleep.

But so I added a few simulated pieces of metal, both conventional and less so. I haven't really figured out GarageBand's sound modules yet so I haven't been able to decompose sounds like I prefer to do. Honestly I have yet to see an application or standalone piece of equipment that has the delightful amount of detuning available that our old Alesis HR-16 had. I found one on ebay years ago but haven't fiddled with it lately. I might have to press it into service here. See if it still works or if I have to figure out how to get a new battery into it. They soldered them into the logic board so it is very difficult to replace it if you don't know how to solder circuit boards without frying the other components, which I don't. I suppose it is probably easier to find and purchase a battery with leads to be soldered than it once was, though.

That is all for now.